Complaints - main points

  1. Pursuant to the Act of 30 May 2014 Art. 38 para. 5 Polish Law on the rights of consumers and amendments to the Polish Civil Code, the Seller shall be liable towards the Consumer for the physical and legal defects including nonconformity of goods with the contract.
  2. The Seller shall consider the complaint within 14 days of filing the complaints and providing products to the Seller
  3. The Consumer who lodges a complaint shall send a scan of a complaint form signed in person to:, and then send the purchased goods to the following address:

Bartosz Gaweł, 35-505 Rzeszów, Strzyżowska Str. Nummer 67/1, Poland.

  • In the case of considering the complaint in favor of the customer, depending on customer request, the Seller within a reasonable time and without undue inconvenience to the customer, repair or replace the complained product for a new, full-fledged, reduce the price or refund the value of the purchased products.
  • The Consumer may request that the product be restored to the condition consistent with the contract by either repair (free of charge) or replacement thereof, unless the repair or replacement are impossible or require excessive costs on the part of the Seller.
  1. The Seller shall return the costs of delivery of goods inconsistent with the contract to the Consumer immediately after the consideration and recognition of the Consumer’s claims for the non-conformity of goods with the contract.